what makes us


Our portfolio consists of many famous brands with whom we have been cooperating for years. The trust they have in us has solid foundations and it is the result of the approach displayed by Intermark. Project management, production and service always remains at the highest level. We focus on professionalism and perfection, and our vast experience lets us fulfil all of our clients’ obligations.

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how we


Almost 20 years of experience in the sector, hundreds of projects and our fantastic team have allowed us to build a strong position on the market. Our designs and developments have been recognised and awarded. The company is financially stable; it follows the fair play and win-win rules in business.

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who we


Intermark consists of people with passion who really know the modern trends and stay up-to-date with the innovations in design, architecture and technology of execution. The architects of both, Intermark’s and our clients’ success are reliable Designers and Project Managers. We focus on development and we never slow the pace down. We run our projects with energy and precision whilst always being ready to react.

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