Intermark for JSSI.

A luxurious stand that became a hit at last Ebace.

At the recent Ebace 2018 trade fair held in Geneva, we had a unique pleasure of co-creating an impressive booth for JSSI. The design was created by Derse, our long-term business partner – the American company, while we were involved in the task related to the erection of this unique and very high end construction.

Prestige above all else.

The basic assumption of this implementation was to provide a fully luxurious stand, using only the highest quality materials. In order to achieve the desired effect, we focused on sophisticated graphics and a large number of glass panels. We have completely eliminated the traditional forms of painting, replacing them with high-quality varnishes and laminates. We built LED lighting into the floor of the stand, which could be freely controlled. Designer furniture complemented the whole stand introducing the fully intentional atmosphere to the stand.