Homepage Team

A person who is the base of Intermark. He keeps everything in check, while making sure that our company is getting better – day by day!


Appropriately calculated, designed and thought-over elements mean nothing on paper.

The role of our production department is to make it real. The responsibility to create what other departments have planned rests on its shoulders.


We have excellent products, a great team and a wide-range portfolio. However, we know that in today’s world it is not enough to stick in the minds of customers.

Here, we take care of our promotion and building a positive image.


It is here that formally everything begins and ends. The finance department cares about our contracts, invoices and funds necessary for our operation.


When all the elements of the stand are ready, it is time to deliver them directly to the place of the exhibition.

This task is always fulfilled by a logistics specialist who not only handles the transport of the whole structure, but also willingly participates in loading and unloading.


Even in the most busy and creative business, we need a person standing guard over the entire company.

Office Manager is the first person who will welcome you in our company.


Even the best communication between departments cannot take place without people who will watch over the final effect of their work by turning customer ideas into reality.

The project management department acts as a watchman whose task is to control all stages of implementation and to ensure that work is always done on time and according to guidelines … even those variable ones.


In order to create something, first you must have “the resources” and that’s what the purchasing department does.

Its role is to provide materials subsequently used to create the best designs.

Design & Detailing

You need a design to put up a stand.

The effects of our detailer’s work are always visible at the earliest stage. With the help of AutoCAD and 3DS MAX software, among others, the vision of our clients in presented in the smallest details.


It is in this department that a thorough verification of the project and calculation are carried out to present a tailor-made price offer.

All our projects and their elements must be thoroughly tested in order to present the best solutions for our clients.


This department is a real graphics manufacture developed according to the concepts and ideas of our clients, which they successfully use to distinguish their stands.