Long-term cooperation based on trust.

Wavin is our long-term client, for whom we have implemented a comprehensive stand construction program throughout Europe.

The permanent element of our designs are the parts characteristic for each implementation: prints on illuminated fabrics block logotypes, LED walls, high-quality floors made of high gloss panels, and even elements of the exhibition placed in the substrate made in the glass zones.

Versatility and adaptation to current needs.

What distinguishes cooperation between us and Wavin is versatility. For we put up the stands for them individually tailored to the nature of the events on which the company wants to be present.
We created both small (up to 40m²) and much larger (up to 200 m²) objects. In addition to the design, construction or transport, our role is also to provide other necessary solutions, including: storage of stand elements, constant care of our Project Managers, barista support, supply of dishes and even other equipment such as dishwashers or ice makers, which guaranteed a successful performance at the fair.