Our company has been awarded the title of Forbes 2016 Diamond. We are proud of this award, which is at the same time the culmination of our efforts to maintain good quality and meet the expectations of our clients at all levels of cooperation. Part of the article:


The synergy of experience, expertise and creativity is a hallmark and at the same time the strength of the Intermark team. We have a wide-range portfolio of trade fair stands prepared for market leaders and most popular brands from around the world at the largest exhibition events. We successfully use a number of unique solutions that change the visions of the customer into a real, functional design. That is the experience and international contacts allow us to shorten the time of implementation, while maintaining the highest standard of service. Our clients appreciate the way we can express their identity, combining unique design with the latest technology. We do it with passion, ambition and energy, constantly searching for increasingly better solutions.

Cooperation with Intermark covers a full range of services based on our own intellectual, technical and logistic resources. We care not only for the perfection of the product, but also the highest customer service standards we have developed. How does it look in practice? The basis is a strategy that combines the idea with a comprehensive vision of all stages of the project. The key role is played by professional, multilingual Project Managers supervising and coordinating the work of specialist teams. They are responsible for instant reacting to unforeseen situations and making quick decisions. As always, flexibility and experience are of utmost importance. Intermark does not stop at the mere creation of a stand based on the order. Our clients enjoy a permanent technical and logistic service, including the storage of exhibition elements, which optimizes the costs of subsequent trade fairs.

So far, the following global brands have put their trusted in us: SAMSUNG, HYUNDAI, XEROX, SKODA, MITSUBISHI, MAN, AMICA, CAN-PACK, CLASS, and LOTOS.

Intermark is a member of international organizations associating trade fair companies such as IFES and EDPA. We are present at the most important fairs in Europe, the Middle East and the United States, Canada, which is the source of our inspiration and access to new trends in the exhibition industry.